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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Too Nice"

I apologize for my lack of activity in the past few days, there is no excuses for it. So I will tell you briefly about my weekend, and what all went down. It was a good one for sure.

Friday- We go out, to a bar called "Alibi Room". This is a cool bar, and I suggest anyone who comes to Wichita to try this place out. It is more of a 'Hipster' bar, but it has PBR cans for $1.75, and a ping pong table, it's a nice place to start the night with conversation, but then of course when we become intoxicated we go to Heroes. The group I am out with is: Webby, D, A(the girl from the thunder game), Codster, and myself. Prior to going out, "C" tells me how she is going on a date that evening, but claimed she didn't want too. She told me without me asking what she was doing, I suppose she felt guilty or obligated to do so. Well, of course I can't be "jealous" so I go out with a girl and some of my buddies. Well, as we are drinking some PBR's at the bar, I get a phone call from "C" and she insists I come to Heroes.........shit, I'm THE coolest...... ;)............So we hang out for a while at the "Alibi Room" then we show up to Heroes. She's there, I play it cool and not talk to her...we go to our usual "area" and grab a booth. She comes over, by herself, and comes up and talks to me while I'm talking to two females, makes me look pretty pimp fo sho. We have a quick conversation, which leads me into asking her if she wanted a drink. She said yes, and grabs my hand and walks through the crowded bar. Well, those of you who know me, know I hate PDA (ya you may find that hard to believe, but I hate it). Well apparently she could tell by holding my hand that I didn't want to hold hands, when we get to the bar she says "Oh you don't wanna hold my hand in a bar?" I explain my dislike for public display of affection, and she laughs and says she isn't a fan, but felt "comfortable" doing it with me. Well we continue to have a good, drunken, conversation and she brings up my awkwardness with PDA, and she said "you wouldn't kiss me at a bar?" I say "No, I honestly wouldn't"....... Well, miss ballsy, grabs me by the back of my head and kisses me, not just a peck but a solid kiss... and says "well you just did.." Obviously at that moment I want to grab her and have disgusting gross sex in the bar while making loud obnoxious animals noises(who doesn't do that when they have sex?), but I held myself back and acted tough. WELL, one of the B teamers grabs me and says: "Pat, hey come here real quick", and completely kills the mood. She says "I need to go find my friends anyways...." I'm furious, I look at D and want to punch him in his face, but I get over it...because I was out with my friends, not her. Well, she continues to give me looks all night at the bar, and I just act tough. Because I'm obviously a badass.
 Well the bar closes, I say bye to "C"...and we all go back to the apartment to play some Kinect....Well, everyone slowly leaves.... and its just me and "A" hanging out, talking about our past. (I have taken her on a dozen dates, and nothing ever came of it...go figure) I'm starting to think there is some feelings on her end for me. I don't know how to read it, all I know is her and I hang out til like 4 in the morning, and she's an awesome girl.

Saturday-  I get a phone call from "C" about 9:45, because she LOVES to call me in the morning, but I answer, so I can't bitch too much. She apologizes up and down for 'embarrassing' me for kissing me at the bar(which obviously it made my night). We talk about the KU vs KSU (ROCK CHALK--suck it Frank Martin), she has plans..I have a keg to tap. No big deal. I go out, and things get crazy due to the stomping of the Jayhawks. I am out with the entire group from Friday, plus about 5 more girls, and Gregory came to town. Poor guy, wore his "EMAW" shirt to the keg party...but he handled it well. Anyway, we are at the bar, cranking steves, slamming shots, doing work. I go to the dance floor by my drunken self, because thats what WE(A-team) do when we're at a bar, I start dancing with this really cute blonde. She turns around and introduces herself to me, and smiles------------BRACES, lol. It was her 21st bday and she was lovin some TomPat. We hang out, I buy her a shot and things are going good. We go back out to the dance floor, and she keeps telling me how "great" of a dancer I am, and how she wanted to get to know me.... I play it safe, and tell her if she runs into me later I'd love to give her my number. Well, apparently this chick wanted to watch where I went and when I left.... As we are walking towards our vehicle she grabs me, and asks if she can get my number. I give it, and haven't heard from Brace-Face since that night, which okay with me.

Sunday- NOTHING...I was a piece of shit and hung over ALL day....basically sucked at life.

Monday- I have a long, shitty day at work.... but Webby ordered some carryout Pizza from Old Chicago, and had it at the crib when I got home. It was awesome. I receive a phone call from "C", and she tells me that she wants to hang out, I go over to her house and we hang out and talk. Just like last time, no TV, just us hanging out. Well she drops another bomb on me, which I'm starting to think she is doing to 'test' me, but honestly it's becoming more or less annoying. Just sleep with me already, what more does a dude have to do ;). lol.
So she tells me that I'm "too nice"............and that she is "afraid she is going to eat me alive". So I just laugh and explain that I can be a bit of a condescending asshole, and she goes; "I don't believe that". So I use my movie knowledge, again, and go in for a aggressive (not rape-aggrresive like in Manhattan..) kiss, and she loves it. We stopped sucking-face, and continue the conversation. If you have ever been told this before, it's nearly impossible to answer or respond too. So I just respond by saying "Well, you don't need to worry about 'eating me alive' I can handle my own, you just gotta be honest with me and I'll do the same to you." Good enough?? Well, she seemed to think so. I stay there from about 8:30 pm until about 11:30 pm. Just chillin and talking. We both sort of pass-out, and I'm hoping I'm gonna get the chance to sleep with her tonight. WRONG.
  I'll premise this by saying I called the Muscle and Sniper Sniper prior to me heading over there, bc I told them I would every time I make the journey to her crib. I explained to them that I was planning on staying over there, and I brought extra clothes (in a suitcase). Yea it seems a bit creepy, but I just had a feeling this was gonna go down. Well, it did not. Which I'm not upset about, because after a heaving night of "sexual touching" and making out, she still said she wasn't ready for a sleep-over yet. Which I respect, but at the same time...her loss ;). As I make my way way home, I find out that we do not have power, in the majority of the downtown area of Wichita....which would have been a great way to heighten my chances of sleeping with her, had I known this while still on her couch. Sucks to suck.

It's currently Tuesady, literally every single one of us that continues to read my blog is dealing with some sort of blizzard like conditions, I drove to work this morning in terrible wind and snow blowing everywhere (who I know of). It sucked, and it was fairly dumb of me to make that trip. But I did, and now I'm here with no work, just finally blogging for yall. ROCK CHALK tonight.... we've had a rough go when we play AT Texas Tech (0-3 since Self has been there). Tonight's game shouldn't pose as a huge threat, but we love playing to other teams potential. I'm excited to slowly have everyone healthy on the team, and I'm glad T-Rob had a good game on Saturday. We're looking good, we just need to continuing digging deeper and deeper. Lovin' it.... Red n' Blue-KU ;) lol

I'll have a great story for yall tomorrow, I apologize if my weekend stories were a bit 'weak'....but it was a crazy weekend, and I tried my best to convey the situations via this blog.

OH ps... I have been asked to hang out by a girl I met a LOOOONG time ago, she ditched me a few times (literally, just stopped responding to my texts the DAY of our date), so I completely stopped talking to her and ignored a lot of her text for about a week. Well, she is apparently getting into the insurance field, which is crazy because not a lot of pretty blonde girls pursue a insurance career.Anyway, she wants to hang out sometime this week. Which I think I'm going to, I mean "C" went on a date, so why wouldn't I? lol

Love all you hulps, hope everyone stays safe out there. Mucho love. later on

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