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Friday, January 28, 2011

Ultimate HULP

We all use this word frequently, I definitely use it more than most. To understand this word, you should understand where it originates. From Tommy gun, and his friends. Having a further understanding I will reference Urban Dictionary:
  1. Hulp
Something generally stupid or meaningless.

(Derives from the Conemaugh Township / Western, PA region)
            example: That was so fuckn' hulp.
Okay, so as some of you know I pulled the most dumbass move, that anyone has pulled in a while. I will shorten this up, as much as possible. I was on my way to Wichita, after having dinner with the family (at Applebees of course)in Newton. On the drive I was waiting on "C" to call me back, but in the meantime I was going to write on her Facebook wall, and say something awesome/funny. WELL, my faithful BlackBerry buttons were not working correctly, as I open my Facebook App for my phone, I start typing her full first name....and I push 'enter' (because it's the only button that works in that situation). Her name goes as my status, not into the search engine I had originally thought I was typing into... so I freak out, because my status now reads: Patrick Charlsen  "C"...... I pull over on the side of the highway, and do everything I can to attempt to delete the doesn't work, I'm already on my way back to Wichita, and now I have a HULP status in limbo for all the facebook world to see. While pulled over on a exit ramp, "C" calls me................. I'm thinking she saw my status, and is wanting to tell me how much of a creepy bastard I am, and how weird it is I put JUST her name as a status. WELL, she actually does not know about it until I explain the situation to her, and she cracks up and thinks it's super funny. PHEW, dodged a bullet. 
good friends
Since yall are the best friends in the world, you do what a 'best-friend' would do in a situation like that=humiliate me. I'll let you look at my Facebook wall, to fully understand what it is  that you people said to me, publicly. "C" thought it was funny how much shit I was getting for the dumbass mistake. Thats my story for the day. 

OH, I have a request for ALL of you who read this.. Tell JO TV we want it soon, my life has been a bit empty without this. If you cannot post the entire video on facebook, then please post it on here..... it would be a lot easier. 

ROCK CHALK THIS WEEKEND< GONNA DOMINATE KSU... here is a reason why I love the Jayhawk Nation so much---------------------------------->T-ROB LOVE

ps I'm going Laser Tagging tonight, suck it, I know you're jealous!

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