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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wtf am I doing "blogging"

Soooo I literally have no idea why I am writing in a "blog". I truly have no idea what it is, or what I'm doing here.... all I know is I enjoy talking, immensely, and I definitely seem to have a lot on my mind and feel as though I should share some of these thoughts and experience with whomever the hell wants to read this. It's 01/06/2011, the beginning of a new year and I had a insane 2010.... I learned a lot, and grew even more... became closer with my family and friends and have added more chapters to my life that I would have never had the opportunities to be apart of, given certain circumstances... so I guess the best way to get the "reader", probably a total of two when this is all said and done, familiar with what the F I will be writing about--- I should give a BRIEF recap of my 2010.
This blog, I WARN YOU, will be not censored, very random, and not what you expect from your everyday nerdy bloggers. I want to keep it real/honest with everyone who wants to partake in my novels of terrible grammar. I want to share my passion for: movies, music, KU Jayhawks, Chiefs, Sports in general, My A-TEAM, all my friends, briefly about college, social life, and just everyday bitching about people and life situation....if you don't like what you read... you can suck it.

A great friend of mine(shout out: Jesse "the muscle" Russell) and I were gchatting one day during our productive days of work, and I always talk about how one day I'm going to write a book. Rightfully so, "The Muscle" would be my editor and help me do so. Well he was definitely persuading me into doing a "blog" about movie reviews (since I'm a huge movie nut) and about how I should blog about my life, it would help keep a accurate and concrete version of my life to help transfer to a book..................well Jesse, I took your advice bro, here is my blog, sorry for all the grammatical errors and misspelling, I'm typing like I speak.........god do I feel hulp even writing this.

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