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Monday, January 24, 2011

When it pours.

Soooo I am deeply sorry for my lack of "blogging" the past 3-4 days. I have been a busy dude lately. Well I will promise to catch you up with everything that has happened in my life since last Wed. I'll do my best to keep this short but I apparently love typing and boring you on a weekly/daily basis, as I tend to do as often as possible.

Wednesday - well, I've been preaching about "C" for a few weeks. I've never tried to date a girl for SO long, I have been trying to hang out with this chick for a few months, I just recently started talking about her to all of you though. Well she finally committed to going out with me. It's a late dinner that we decide to do, because my original plans were "scratched" by her. I pick her up, and we go to Old Chicago, we both order the same beer (I know adorable) it was a Shiner Bock mug. We split a pizza, and she trumps me and pays for the dinner. Why? Well the original plans I had were to go to the loony bin comedy club at 8 pm.... I had already bought tickets to it, and she had to re-schedule because of a internship opportunity. Well, she justified me giving my tickets away with paying for our dinner...which was over $40. So I wasn't mad, it was kind of cool having a girl pay for the meal, not gonna lie. It also helped in her favor she knew the waitress. Then we proceed to another bar, for a few more drinks. We drink coffee and Baileys---keepin shit classy (I pay). We get back to her house, keep in mind everything is frozen, so I give her a bottle of my "de-icer" and I scrap her windows for her. I get home at 2am (on a work night). Tired, but she loved the ice scrapping I did.

Nothing goes down Thursday, I hardly speak to her. I just workout and continue to be ripped out and strong as shit ;) lol.

Friday- Now if you know me, you know how I am a people pleaser. Especially when it comes to friends of mine. A good girl-friend of mine had passed a huge certification exam for her nursing career, we had all planned on going out and celebrating. That was my entire outlook on Friday night. WELL----"C" calls me, and says she is staying in, then says "I wouldn't be mad if you came over with Chinese though" Sooo I have to make a decision, I obviously go with "C". I grab Hana (which is a Japanese, not Chinese, restaurant downtown Wichita) I get to her house, she is looking super sexy. In all sweats, baggy sweats and her hair is pulled back. This, to me, is when women can look their best. So I instantly am satisfied with the evening. We drink wine, and eat. No TV, just conversation and listening to music. It seriously was a blast. One of the better nights I've had in a long time. I was there until 2:30 am. So, right before I leave her house, she drops the BOMB on me; "Well, I've had a lot of fun with you, but I just think you're going to be more of a friend/buddy of mine"..............I say "are you being serious?" she explains in more depth how she just sees us as a "friend vibe". Well, I'm completely tired of the usual excuse most women give me "you're too good of a friend". So I literally turn from the door, walk straight to her, and kiss her. Yes, it sounds super cheesy and whack, but it is exactly what I did. It worked perfectly, she loved it, we kissed for quite some time. At the end of the 'session' she tells me, you're definitely not in the "friend zone" but you're still my "buddy". Cute I know. I win. I'm awesome. I leave her house, smiling like I've never smiled before. I get in my whip (a.k.a. car/vehicle) and instantly put a dip in, and cruise home. The dip to me is like a cigarette to people after sex. It makes me feel awesome/manly and kinda calms me down, not to mention my addiction to it too............ "C" calls me on the way home, like 5 minutes after I had left, explaining to me how much fun she had, and that I'm definitely NOT a friend anymore. Money, I'm excited that things are starting to look good for me. She tells me she wanted to go get breakfast in the morning. Stoked.

Saturday-Sooo I'm suppose to go get breakfast- didn't happen. But a positive is I slept in til like 11am. Which was kick ass. "C" told me she went with a friend to the Humane Society to get a puppy, and didn't take her phone and didn't get home until 1pm. I'm not tripping, KU plays I was excited for it.
KU plays one of the shittiest 2nd halves of basketball I've ever watched. We loose, it's terrible. I truly do not wanna go out. BUT it's my buddy Jeremy's birthday, so we have to go out. We go out to Heroes and party hardy. I've never had more women hit on me in my life, It's like every women I walked past, knew about "C". It was ridiculous, I had a girl even buy me a drink. The amount of attention I was getting from all angles of women, was beyond me. I had no idea how to react to it, so I obviously did what I do best---dance circle lol.Wichita was easy on Saturday night. Chicks were "lovin it"...thats why, when it "rains...I'm awesome

Sunday- I wake up early as hell, to help a buddy move, super hungover not loving it. Haven't heard from "C" since before I went out Saturday night. I get home just in time for playoff football. GO PACKERS(sorry Muscle and Towm)! !! I go to the Thunder Hockey game, and me and a good friend of mine, I'll name her "A" (the girl who passed her nursing certificate I mentioned earlier) and I are picked, bc we looked like a couple, to do the 1st period entertainment. "A" and I are suppose to pop balloons by; hugging, sitting on a chair, and laying on the ice. It was sooo hard to run to the other end of the rink, to grab the balloon and return to "A" to pop it. Anyways, some middle school bastard child beat me. Sucks.Well, since "A" and I took 2nd place, we received two free tickets for any seat whenever we want. So I guess I have a 'date' with her sometime in the future.
me and "A" at the game, obviously this shirt was baller for me!

I really hope I get to see "C" tonight, I haven't seen her since friday, and we have hardly talked all weekend. I tried getting a hold of her yesterday, and nothing came of it. Sucks. But hopefully things turn around today, and I get to her gorgeous smile today.

TOMORROW--- I will go on another memorable Insurance Convention in the great city of Salina, KS. I am looking forward to all the ridiculous moments that will take place, and the stories I will return with. I hope to continue to network with some of the people I have met in the past, and continue to grow as a independent insurance agent. Thanks for reading today guys. Mucho Love for everyone that takes the time to make me feel important ;)

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