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Friday, April 8, 2011

Let's get back to talking about my shit-show of a life...lovin it.

A lot has changed in the game since I last blogged. I won't go into full detail, but here is a list of things that has happened since then.

  1. Chicago trip- It as out of control. To even try to explain this trip would be near impossible. I made out with Kates friend, thats about all that happened with me. Other than a shit show of drinking.
  2. My DAY OF BIRTH- well, we all know I have the most important birthday, ever. Except for, of course, December 25th. I am a close second, let's be completely honest. My birthday was spent in good ol Wichita, KS. Me and the group went out and about and did some havoc in old town. Ironically enough, this is kind of where my next chapter of "shittiness" begins. As some of you may remember a girl by the name of "EZ", well her and I still kept in constant textunication. It's similar to communication, but its obviously with texting, and you never have to spend time with one another<------I'll get back to this eventually.
    WELL, we started out at this brand new bar called: FAT TONY'S. Which is a utopia bar for me. Good food, biggest and most clear screen in Wichita, cheap beer, hot waitresses, and of course it's near downtown. As this night continues on, we are taking car to bomb to the dome, like there is no tomorrow....well, this is when I see this really pretty blonde girl across the bar. So I start the "patrick-creep". Which if you're around me enough, I will check a girl out a million times a night, but never say a word to her throughout the entire evening. Very effective tool I have. NOT. WEll, it turns out we end up being in line by this girl. Her name is "Ecca" (obviously thats not her real name...shutup). We talk every so often as we run into each other at the bar, and I eventually get her number........good deal for me. Turns out she knows Jerrod and a bunch of people from KU, bc she went there. She dated a guy from Derby by the name of Travis, some of you may remember. 
  3. WEll, I'm getting hoes numbers, and being a green Irish asshole throughout the entire evening of my Bday...I see good ol' "EZ" at the usual spot- 'Heroes'. we talk, dance a little and have a good time.... She ends up giving me a ride home....................................... Well, I want to warn all the female 'readers' out there for this next addition. I received a birthday 'concussion' from "EZ". A 'concussion' is also known to some as; dome, brain, knowledge, blowjob, heading, dick-sucking. Pick your poison.  Well, as I am getting straight concussed from this chick, my good ol buddies Webby, and Rudy walk by........literally, in front of the vehicle where this is taking place. Yes, it was in the parking lot of my apartment complex. Well, these two hulps walk by and stop in front of the car..... as they hold McDonalds. The entire time I was trying soooooo hard to not laugh, but these two dick-heads(no pun intended) continued a conversation while smashing on some fries, for a good two minutes in front of my car. They eventually walked away, and never even knew what was taking place. WELL... long story short... I haven't seen "EZ" her since... 

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