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Thursday, March 10, 2011

the SHIT before the SHOW

As many of you know, I will be embarking on yet another ridiculously expensive trip to see my friends. I wouldn't have it any other way... I am heading north, to the good ol Windy City, to see my boys Muscle and Sniper Sniper. TomPat will be in full force, as well at the "The Landing".... Hayley, some chick I haven't even met, who I'm positive is in love with me, is going to be there, the HORSE, and of course Kat, and Ron Burgendy aka Anchorman aka Cobra. It's going to be a "SHIT SHOW" (notice the 'title' of this post ;)..I'm clever) Well, all I know is that I'm arriving in Chi--town tomorrow around 7:30 pm...with Kat and Cobra, and I'll be ready to booze, as I hope they are. I've requested a spitter ready in Muscle's whip when we are picked make it happen Muscle..... Other than a ridiculous weekend of drinking I am hoping/looking forward to this

Hopefully I can push one of my hulp friends into this.........................or at least pee into it, like we did in Pittsburgh....juuust sayin.

I am super stoked for this trip, and I'm going to make it as memorable as possible.....through digital pictures...and, of course.....POOKIE TUBE.

I have a digital "flip" video camera I am taking for this trip, so our footage will be very epic, and quality. 
There is a good chance we will be meeting up with the chick that we met during the Mustachelor Party last September....which, in itself, is a "SHIT SHOW".... Wish me and my fellow hulps luck. And I will try to come back with a stupid story, that I vaguely, if you know me-- I'll take a million pictures...and definitely get some good video...

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