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Friday, March 4, 2011



And I usually refrain from using names, but we all know who I am referring to---RACHEL LEAH MCCALL........
Over the past few weeks my sister, mother, and myself have all been experiencing some Facebook password 'issues'. I have not mentioned it to anyone because I just felt it was a coincidence... For those of you who know of my past and the bullshit I've dealt with with this girl, I'll refer you to a blog I wrote in the beginning stages--titled "Why I am as cool as I am.."
Rachel is a psychotic crazy bitch. Everyone knows this. How she came back into my life you might ask?? Well this summer she would send me multiple pictures, to show me that she lost weight.....slore you didn't loose weight, you just took the pic at a different angle, everyone knows you looked prego at my graduation. shutup. slore. Well, then later in the summer I was visiting the BREN's in Okc, and we made a trip to Dallas, well apparently RACHEL found a dude within the 3-4 months after we broke up....and was engaged, at the time (married now). Anyways, this slap dick was sending me texts talking shit on me, and just being hulp. Well, I had my girl Kimbo, do work for me, and she  basically cussed him out via text. It was epic. The only thing I can remember, is her texting this "BITCH TITS" hahahahahaha it was incredible.

Okay, so back to the original story.... My mom's facebook was hacked this morning, so she fixed it and went through the ridiculous process in order to obtain a new password, and she said when she got back on to facebook there was a picture on her news feed, of Rachel and some friends. From the SLORES album, but they were not friends on facebook..................weird, right? well this isn't the first time this stupid chick did this. The week before the Mustachelor party I was out golfing and received a email via my blackberry that my facebook password had been changed....well I couldn't exactly switch all of that mid golf I waited until I got home, and what I found was NOTHING........No wall posts, no inbox or outbox messages, no friends, 4 albums deleted, EVERYTHING gone......................except one friend, who was it? the slore

So anyway, I guess my mom "reported" her to facebook, and it went away....but to update you on her life via facebook (I went home at lunch to check it out, why wouldn't I?) she is married, still has OUR dog........ and looks like she is no longer into nursing, but into cosmetology. She get her huge, gigantic enormous ring she has always wanted.....and she is still continuing to try to ruin my life, or get into one way or another.

I'm declaring MARCH, as the math, SMASH+MARCH= SMARCH...meaning this is my birthday month, and I am turning 25 and my bday is on a badass holiday. THUS, I will do work this month.

Starting tonight...........I'm surprising my little sister back in good ol' Emporia tonight. She is bartending at a bar up there, and I'm gonna walk in and surprise her. Can't wait.

Then tomorrow, it's a wedding............................gonna be epic.

Everyone watch your facebooks, she may come after you next ;) ahha

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