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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Okay, so first and foremost I need to tell all of you to chill the fuck out. I have been sick the pat few days, and when I'm sick I become a complete bitch, and do nothing with my life. Except play Call of Duty: Black Ops ;)...........................oh, and I occasionally work, that is why I'm missing a few days on the good ol' blog. Not because nothing is happening in my life, because I'm definitely busy when it comes to that. Here goes "catch-up"....

A- Yall remember "A", she was a college friend, and we all hangout within the same group. She's great, her and I and D and his gf all went out for drinks last wed, then continued to drink and go was a fun night, but it was a week night, and we all four stayed out late. I can't figure out a way to let her know how I feel.........i'm a pussyAn-Remember I met her, she was a graduate student..........well it turns out this grad student has a 20 year old is her problem....dumbass lolC- She calls me every so often, and talks to's her bday today. I hope it sucks, but I still will sleep with her, there is no doubt about that.............Ez- Remember, cute hispanic chick Jay introduced me too.... well her and I still text, and we were suppose to go out on Tuesday, but I was sick lol. We're gonna hang out this weekend I think....

A new girl I met a few weeks ago, I didn't intend on getting this chicks number, it just worked out my pimp juice was flowing that night. So, me Rudster and his wife were out one Friday night, just us three. We see these two VERY good looking hispanic chicks (I know, I know) being hit on by guys ALL night, and it was super funny watching them shut guys down left and right all night long. Very amusing. Closing time comes, and I have to say something to these chicks and let them know how funny they were and persistent they were with shutting people down. I approach them, and congratulate them on their duty of shutting dudes down, I tell them to have a safe night, I turn and walk away. As I'm approaching Rudster, he says "What'd you say to them??" I reply "Nothing bad, just told them it was funny watching them shut those lames down"...he said  "well, it worked......" As he says this I get a shoulder tap, and I turn around, and there these girls were. Both in skinny little black dresses, looking good, looking nice. They say "You can't just come and talk to us without telling us your name" I respond by saying "I didn't want to become a another statistic, that yall were shutting down". These slores loved that response, and immediately sat down with us and started chatting with Rudsters wife, and tell us all to add them on Facebook. SO, if any of you actually 'know' me... I'm all over that  right away. NOT, I hold back until that sunday after.....and then I add her. Well I go out for drinks that Wed, and I run into one of them.... I'll name her "B". SO we talk, drink a few drinks, and I end up getting her digits. We text here and there..... but "B" isn't gf material, she's smashterial.............yea...thats a new word hulps. Incorporate it in your everyday life, it will make you almost as cool as am I.
              "Insurance"-  Okay, yall remember her.....well to sum  her up she just got a job in Denver. Of course this shit would happen to me when I'm starting to like her, no big deal I have a few weeks before she moves.....right?? Well, no, she's actually moving to Denver this Monday. Well, she is fairly persistent on hanging out with me....still, even though we had the talk about hanging out, even though she is leaving. So, as a dude, I'm thinking only one thing can come of this-------sex. Don't sit there and think that the rest of you haven't thought of it, there is an obvious 'need' for something, from her end. I mean, of course she probably wants to get to know me, but we text everyday and we know a lot about each other..... She and I both know a relationship is nearly impossible due to the fact she is moving 8 hours away, but I still feel like there is a hidden motive within her thought process of us hanging out over the next four days. I'm not a pig, or a bad guy...yall should know that by now. BUT this is being thrown in my face, like basically asking for it to happen. She text me yesterday and said she wanted me to come "nap" with her....but because I was sick I'd have to wait.....................Now, keep in mind, I've never even been over to her apartment, or even kissed this chick. To me, that sounds like "I want you to smash me"...I can't be too far off, there's no way. She wants it, all the chick in Wichita are slowly wanting me, just wait and read :D..................................................................bitch. 

 (I'll post a little more later.....but for now enjoy this, you greedy bastards) :D

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