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Friday, February 18, 2011


I have done a absolute terrible job with updating my blog as of late. I have had a crazy busy week, but things are definitely looking up. A quick recap of the week I've had:
Sigma Pi
 As many of you know, I was in a fraternity. That fraternity was called: Sigma Pi. Our house we lived in was old and definitely trashy. We had the largest fraternity house on campus, and the closest, as well as as huge deck and a sand volleyball court. Thus, making us the party central for the entire campus of ESU. fo sho.

Well, I don't need to explain the frat any more because the majority of you have been there. I'm going to post a series of pictures, and explain to you an event that happened with each. Here it goes....

Urine, tailgating, and alcohol= runge
B-rungO peeing in MY chair, that is me pushing him for

running across the street to the frat to change lol
So, to make this ridiculous story short; we were literally sitting around drinking and tailgating before the weak ass Hornets played (we never went to a game, just drank).
 And B-RungO asks me "Hey, should I piss my pants?!?"
I respond: "Yea, why not..."
 Of course I'm thinking this clown wouldn't do such a thing in front of a bunch of women, and people he didn't know. Well, he starts pissing himself, and its coming out fast. After all, its a Saturday morning, full of drinking and the night before we had a party. Needless to say, a lot of urine. Well, in the middle of his pee, I notice the douche bag is sitting in MY chair, so I freak out and push him and try to get him outta my chair. Well, it was definitely too late. The above pictures are the ONLY pictures from that day, all of them have been lost and/or thrown away. B-RungO, I salute you for one of the many things you did at ESU, that kept us ALL laughing.

Sigma Pi pledges. Class of 2004.(our Freshman year)
Alright, back to the frat stories, so of course I had to pledge this place in order to even join it. Well, they had us do your typical pranks and jokes. We had to fuck goats...........drink beer for hours upon end, do a beer bong that held 7 beers (all at once), steal items from campus, steal items from all other greeks, wake up early and go to the rec sports games, clean toilets, be a slave for them, do their laundry, open beers. The list goes on. WELL, the above picture was a special occasion. We were told we were going over to this sororities house to introduce ourselves to them, and show chivalry :)............well, turns out it was a huge joke, we had to dress up in all of their clothes and they continued to put makeup on us throughout the entire evening. It was not cool, it was super embarrassing. Due to strict rules on greeks, via the campus administration, not to many pictures were taken and we were saved from ultimate humiliation. 

Okay, so I'm dressed like a complete idiot in this picture. We had no method to our madness, we all just decided to dress up for no reason. This was during one of our two years of alcoholic probation form the campus. Meaning- that we were not allowed to throw any parties, or have any alcohol inside the building at all times. So, we obviously didn't listen to that bullshit, thus made us resort to doing things we normally wouldn't do. Like this evening, we would drink in each others rooms, not in the halls or in any of the rec rooms, because we were afraid a member of the administration would just show up and find us with a tremendous amount of alcohol within the building. So, on this particular evening we dressed in the most ridiculous outfit we could think of, obviously I was HULP. Disgusting, how did I ever get laid in college? lol

This was another  had. It was a 'athletic' themed party. Most people took the easy way out, I obviously went above and beyond, because I'm rockin out the old school Railer look. God I'm hulp. Once again, how'd I ever pick up slores.

When B-RungO could still drink beer.....obviously we are dancing, and loving life.

Ugly sweater party, we were so young looking.

this pic is for Towm, and Knappy boy. They apparently throughout college, made fun of how large of shirt I wore. I never realize I did this, until literally last September. Assholes. I mean I can't disagree.....LOOOK HOW BIG THAT SHIRT(S) IS I'M WEARING!!!!!!!! I blame all friends who are reading this for my lack of style.

I hope these stories are not boring yall, but I'm keeping things a bit interesting and posting some more pictures. And I'm gonna start doing some videos. So I'll continue to help yall laugh each day you read about how ridiculous of a life I live, and either: hate, or be envious. I'm stoked for this upcoming weekend.

Tonights special guests: The zoo-keepers(Jayden and Susan), CB, and B-RungO will ALL be in town. It's gonna be a epic night, and I hope things get completely out of control. After all, B-RungO is about to be a Daddy, we don't have too many chances to do such a thing. I'm looking forward to this evening, because I am going out with two couples (Rudster & M; AND Jay & Suz). Along with two married two married dudes, it should be a fun evening, mostly of them watching me be a pathetic slob. But I guarantee, there will be a story to come out of tonight. Until next time my hulpsters, have a wonderful friday TGIF.....peace

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