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Thursday, February 10, 2011

History Lesson............Story #3

Okay, this story is super intense, and you will probably have a difficult time following and comprehending it, but deal with it and have some sort of intelligence ;). This story is a instant classic, when this situation first begun, I knew I was in for a trip. And here we go:

Time: Morning
Date: November, 24th 2010
Location: Kansas (Wichita, Newton, & Emporia)
Method of Conversation: Yahoo! Instant Messenger
Reason: A friend of mine had decided to do "online dating", so I thought I'd try it to. Only problem was; it was a FREE site.

Alright hulps, so I decided to get on this internet dating site, because a friend of mine was doing it and I thought I'd help him out, morally of course. So I make an account, and I make it as vague as humanly possible. I get a few messages within the first few hours of having this account, mostly from single moms and super unattractive people, so initially I'm thinking this whole internet dating thing is a bust. Until I get a picture from her:
This is "Addy". Gorgeous right? Well, I was a little taken back by the fact that this girl messaged me on a FREE dating website, let alone me. So of course I'm a bit apprehensive as we exchange a few messages back and forth. 
-----hold on, let's take a quick look back to the picture above. LOOK AT THIS PIECE OF SHIT! hahahahaha, I mean seriously, aside from his decent 5 o' clock shadow, this dude is HULP. His shirt says "I love Blow", shoot yourself bro, do us ALL a favor. whack ass dude--------------

Okay, back to the story. So we continue to talk, via this website. Then we take shit to the next level- I get her yahoo! messenger ID, and we are instant messaging. Keep in mind, it is thanksgiving time, and she is currently headed south (from Wichita) to Houston, to see some of her family. I am heading north, to Emporia to see mine. When we first 'met' online, she was currently riding in the vehicle towards Houston, and she was excited to have someone to talk to while she road with her family down south. To speed up the majority of our convo, we literally talked all day everyday during this break. I am still very apprehensive about this whole situation, and she keeps reassuring me that it is her by sending me more pictures. Well, of course its her if she has millions of pictures to send to me, right? Here are a few more:

Fuck Michigan ;)

seeming more 'real', because she has pictures with her family, right?

still sexy

another hulp
Alright, so she is slowly convincing me that she MIGHT be real, but I of course have to ask for this chicks digits, right?  Okay, so I ask her for her number so maybe her and I could talk on the phone since we had been IMing for about two full days. She, responds "Well, there is something I have to tell you......." I am instantly gratified, because from the beginning I thought this chick was fake, and now she is totally reassuring me that she is a fake ass SLORE. I respond: "Well, what is it?".......she says: "I'm deaf......"
W-T-F?!!!!!!!!!! A deaf chick, is this real? So I, of course, play it cool and just act as if that is not a big deal, because how shallow would I be if I just stopped talking to her because she is deaf? Or am I being shallow because I am STILL talking to her just because she is hot?? Well, the truth to the matter is I actually thought she was pretty cool, we had a lot in common, and we talked non stop about everything. So I was intrigued, at the most at this point. So she explains to me how she has a hearing aid that she is getting for Christmas, that will enable her to hear as well as the average person. Addy also explains to me how she can read lips really well, and it really isn't an issue for her to communicate with people. So I take that with a grain of salt, and deal with it. As she is with her family, she continues to send pictures to me of her and her family at Thanksgiving dinner, and after when they're all hanging out (sadly, those pictures are no longer available for yall to see, I lost them...). Well, we continue to IM, and we are starting to plan on meeting the next week. I believe it was a Saturday, when she sent me a naked picture (if you hulps want the picture, let me know lol), and we had decided to meet up on Tuesday for coffee. Things are going good. I tell my good ol' roomie about this chick, and how I still do not feel like she is real. Well, I say to myself......."Self, I spent time talking to her, why wouldn't I take a few minutes/hours out of my day to see if she is, who she says she is..."

So, I of course come up with a master plan that Webby would help me out on. We decide we both would take separate vehicles to the coffee shop downtown, he would sit on one end of the cafe, and I'd sit on the other. I'd wait for her to show up, and if it was a fake ass SLORE or a dude, or a shemale, then I'd bounce and Webby would have my back. Well, we check the place out the Sunday before, like are detectives. Definitely being hulps, but we were laughing at the situation the whole time. Keep in mind, Addy and I have kept in constant, non-stop communication since November 24th. 

Week Of
Well, it's the week of the big "date". And I get a "good morning" message from Addy (Monday, the date is the next day). We talk here and there while I'm at work. Well, I don't hear from her for the rest of the day. NO big deal. I wait until the afternoon, at this point I knew this SLORE was fake. So I get on yahoo! IM and send her a nice message saying: "I hope you're doing okay, I haven't heard from you in a few days"

Nothing back, for a few days......SO I get on, knowing that this chick needed to die. I send a even nicer message, stating: "I knew you were a fake ass bitch, good luck with never hearing again"...........after I sent this, I laughed, because I tried to sound like a badass but I was the furthest from. Good shit. That is basically the end of the story, but since that day I have been anticipating a yahoo! IM from this SLORE, stating that she need help with money to get from Houston to Wichita, something along those lines. With all that being said, I'm awesome...only some crazy ass story like this WOULD happen to me. It's funny, yet crazy as hell to think that people are out there doing this shit, and scamming people on a daily basis. Not me fuckers, I'm a genius and owned this situation. Was it Rachel, maybe? Ehhhh probably not, just some crazy shit that you get when you attempt to date online....
BUT----I was researching about this stuff, and came across a movie. Well, this movie was filmed live and it is all entirely true. I STRONGLY suggest checking this movie out. It is a bit boring, but super interesting. It's about meeting someone on Facebook, and all the things this person does (from both ends) to meet one another. PLEASE, RedBox this movie, I watched it this past weekend and it is good. DO it, and let me know your thoughts.....

p.s. I hope that SLORE never hears again...............haha jk, but seriously..............

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