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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Weekend Perky came to Wichita- "Best Butter Ever", AIDS, and Meat Fest-

This weekend was a good one. Webby and I were going into this weekend with only one expectation: a Jayhawk Victory. No plans. Nothing to do, but watch our Hawks win. Well, they won, after having a small heart attack. But that was Saturday, let me tell you about Friday.
Friday we had zero plans, we could not decide whether or not we should go out. Well, Andrew came over... and was ready to drink, and then Rudster hits me up and says he is interested in going out with us. SO...with no plans, and knowing no one out we decided we should try something completely new, and out of our normal scene. We went to: "Rock Island" which is a bar in Old Town, and known for its DJ's and live music. Something I definitely enjoy, but never really took the time to go to this bar. Well it was awesome, the DJ was solid, and was ripping it up. Everyone was dancing and it was a pretty awesome crowd. I run into a old High School classmate of mine, Tyler Kelly, and we took some shots and partied. He invited me to watch his band play on Saturday, so of course I said I would go. Well, Andrew (who is a ESU/Dorm buddy) was out with us that night, he had mentioned prior to going out that he was going to get back on his "game" with females. Telling this story truly makes me feel like an ass, but we were  NOT rude and we were NOT making fun of her (know this before I tell this story). We posted up in the back of the bar, and enjoyed the DJ and people watching; aka creeping on people. Well, to the left of our table was a lady. This lady was 40 years old. She was disabled, not mentally, but physically. She approached us, fairly shortly after we had sat down at our table. She introduced herself and said that this was "her bar" can you take someone seriously, when they say some hulp shit like that? Well, we just continue with conversation and make small talk. Well, she leans over to Andrew...and I of course ease drop on his conversation, but the only thing I can make out is: "I want you..." haha.. Then immediately after she says that to Andrew, she leans over to me and says how "gorgeous" our entire group was, and we were the "hottest" guys in the bar. DUH! ;) Rudster, Webby, and I take off, like good friends, and let Andrew continue is conversation with the woman........nothing happened fyi. We continue to go on our prowl.....and then another story turns up-
------Well, there was this gorgeous blonde at the bar, by herself and definitely the most intoxicated person at the bar. BUT, of course, we are all still creepin on this chick. It's a given, you should understand that by now lol. So I am at the bar, and she is in front of me...she turns around, looks me up and down and says: "You are super sexy... what's your name?" As I start to answer, she sees Andrew (thank god) and they apparently have met at one point in their life. They go off, and long story short-------Make out AT the bar. Soooooo we are laughing our ass off, because I find "making out" or "PDA" at a bar to be very trashy and not a appealing characteristic for people. So we of course make fun of him. We make jokes with people that are at the bar, and we discover how much of a slore she is, like potential HIV, AIDS, and things of that nature. Apparently this girl literally hooks up with everyone, and everything. But being the good friends we are, we warn Andrew. He thinks we are just messing with him and trying to cock block. But we are not, we had testimonies from others that knew of her, and it was true. Andrew continued to make out with her at a crowed DJ bar. SO funny. Well, he leaves the bar early to go home with this chick. We do not hear from him until the next day. He apparently did NOT have sex with her, but he claimed he did walk home from her house at 4:30 am....(That was Friday night)

Not going to go into much detail about Saturday, other than the fact we watched KU pull of a close win, and we went to see Tyler Kelly's band "Boys Beware" play. Which you should google, they're pretty good. Well, Perky came to town, due to the fact he was getting a new job and probably would not be able to come down any longer. Rudster, Perky, and myself decide to go to "Meat Fest." Meat fest is a scholarship fund-raiser for WSU, at this bar called "Kirbys Beer Store" (Google this too, smallest/coolest bar EVER). The concept of this fund-raiser was that they would have live bands playing throughout the entire weekend, with free meat and no cover. Oh, and $1.50 PBR's. Well this bar is literally the tinniest bar I've ever been in. I was standing at the very "back" corner of the bar and I was literally 8-10ft from band, it was awesome. Definition of a "dive bar" was this place. Apparently it was picked by Rolling Stoned as a top 15 dive bars in America, and top 50 bars to see live music at. Apparently Red Hot Chilli Peppers had played there in the 80's. We go to this bar until about 9:00 pm. We go back to my apartment, and get ready and head downtown. We meet up with our group, and we party. I do, what I always do, and make a circle and challenge the hottest girl to dance off. Well, apparently this contest included me doing the "cry baby". Which is when you lay face down on the floor,  and hump, and pound your fist as if you are crying..yea I'm hulp. Didn't get her number or even dance with her lol. Well this the aftermath of the bar..... these videos are how we were feeling. I stayed decently sober at the bar, but when we came home...we partied. Oh Andrew is the dude on the couch with a newly acquired friend of ours. ;) ENJOY:

After the bar. Webby was obsessed with his butter (which is crazy good) but this is what transpired, when letting others taste it....As well as making fun of Andrew and his friend ;)

This one cracks me up. Webby at his finest. Listen to him say "Who likes big macs?" hahaha...we were in a heated debate about whether we should go to McDonald's or not (at 3:00 am)

Still debating the McD's trip or not. Our goal was to see who could stay awake the longest, without passing out.....Webb telling us he had a coupon for: "buy one get one free Big Mac" hahaha

Webbster thought, for some reason, that the coupon would be in our silverware drawer...and he pulled it out, completely out. 
 ROCK CHALK(big game vs Baylor tonight)
 HULP! (found these in Rudys car)
 Yup..shouldn't have been
Perky, sweet dip you have in haha

This was the area where all the "filming" happened, the next morning.. .it was crazy. 

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