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Monday, January 10, 2011

"FIRST" Weekend

Whats good to all of my readers?? Oh, wait, I only have like 10....mucho love/respect to all of those who are still attempting to follow and read my blogs....Hopefully this ridiculous weekend will help grab some of yalls attention, once again!

Alright, I left yall on Friday (01/07/2010) with some music and a few questions... I never fully explained what it was we were going to do this weekend.... Here is what was PLANNED for the weekend:
Friday- I was going to either stay in, and chill, or go out for 2-3 beers....enough to where I could still drive home... well that was the initial plan.
Saturday (during the day)- I planned on getting up early in the morning to go "Skeet" Shooting with B-Rung, and my buddy Derrek and some of Brian's was in the plans, and I actually did successfully complete this...we did get up early and shot (Well, I missed nearly everyone I shot at) But all in all--Saturday during the day was a great time. Special Thanks to B-Rung for opening his land/house for that..good times BRO:)
all of the weapons we used.....lovin it

obviously I'm a badass


all of these were in Brians
Saturday (during the evening/night)- If you remember from my previous post, I had a friend I referred to as "Q"...well, she was trying to hook me up with her friend...........remember? well her friend was in a relationship for 5 years....and was married in October....well she just got a divorce on Friday..yes Friday the 7th of January 2010.......well they were having a "divorce party" Saturday night, and thats where I was suppose to go to finally meet this young lady..............AND Derrek's gf was having her birthday party that night too.....
Sunday- Watch the Chiefs, and KU play.... at Larry Bud's

---------------------WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED THIS WEEKEND-----------------------------

  Friday-*what really went down*-  I receive a phone call from my buddy Derrek, and a long-time the name of Steph... Well they both were only wanting to go out for a few drinks.... Because we all had stuff to do in the morning... and of course, my road dog, Webby was down to go grab a few drinks....we go to our favorite bar in Old Town called: "Heroes"'s dead, literally like 20 people when we get there... well a old roommate/college buddy, Tony, happened to be in Wichita...just a few short blocks away.. Sooooo we all are like: "damn, tonight might be a late night" OH WELL ;)......So Tony and his girlfriend Kelly (Tony, if you ever break up with her... I'll kill you) show up to Heroes...and we all start buying shots for the 'college-baby-boy' aka Tony... and needless to say..............we. get. hammered. Here is who I am at the bar with: Steph, Derrek, Andy, Webby, Tony, Kelly, and myself........partying... spending money, bc it's what we do.... Well, I never talk to women at the bar... ever. I find to be super creepy and makes me look like all I want is some 'ass'...........well, don't get me wrong... I am a creep, and I want some ass.....I would just rather find a better "route" to take...Well, long story short, we start talking and we are having a good time...she tells her friends to go ahead and go to the next bar.. so she could talk to my awesome self....well we talk for another beer and she leaves..well, for those of you who know me.. .I seem to only like women who are NOT girl is, and I shit you not, -Spanish(was born in Spain) and her dad is from Afghanistan....she was beautiful. BAM-got some digits-- well the night continues, and we end up convincing Tony and Kelly to stay the night....sooo we leave the bar, go back to my apt, and play Xbox Kinect until like 4am....if you have a xBox......get the "Kinect" if you are curious to what it is...peep this...
Saturday Night-*what really went down*- Well, it's the night of the "divorce party" and Webby and I were pretty excited to experience this I invited a good friend of Webby and I's down for the party...and we planned on having him show up and surprise Webby, and it worked...Cody got there about 3pm....and we started drinking......well my old roommate and college buddy- Greg, showed up too...right after Cody, and we starting partying....well Tony (from the night before) decided he loved Wichita and would make the hour and a half trip from Emporia....back to party.......we alll start drinking it up about 6:30 pm... we're playing the Kinect and having a blast..... couple hours into our competition a "rent-a-cop" security guy knocked on our door and asked us to be "quiet"....because apparently our shitty neighbors underneath didn't enjoy our jumping and running in place....well, they suck.... We stop playing and all start getting ready. I consider myself to act like a female when it comes to "getting ready" I enjoy dressing somewhat nicely and I take pride in it.....F yall if you're judging...suck it... We go out decently early...we are at Heroes by 9:30.... and we are DOING WORK...all my buddies from College were in town, we had a group of ladies we met up with, and we were ready to light it up..... there is about 12 of us and we are definitely the center of attention....but we all wanted to really partty and dance....and if you are from Wichita, you know the PUB is a dirty but fun place to we of course go there.....The majority of this experience at the PUB (Americas Pub) was a huge blurr.....but this is where I feel terrible... but I also feel I can justify my wrong goes nothing: I successfully made out with two girls..... I know what you're thinking.."ah thats cool patrick"
...well it wasn't...... the downside to both these girls were....... they BOTH had boyfriends...made out with one on the dance floor (yea, I was THAT doucher) and the other one is a good friend of mine and we made out outside of the bar....we have hooked up before....well I justify this by explaining that they both told me that they were said they broke up that day. the other said earlier in the week....well I found out the next day... that they both were lying....sooo I hope Karma doesn't kick my ass for that...It's hard explaining how hardcore we partied.... I was running, literally, down the streets to find all of us a took us FOREVER to find one...and I found one...I went down the street with my hand out the window waving down my friends, whom were also looking for a cab.... I'm so awesome....
The brown crew and Webby....(left to right: Codster, Tony, and Webby)

Gregory and I...

Sunday-*what really went down*- We successfully made it to Larry Buds...when they opened at 11am....We watched the Chiefs loose, in what I thought was a poorly coached football game... they should have given the ball to Charles A LOT more...and maybe tried throwing a ball to Bowe at least once....I was angry..............then I watched KU play terribly and squeeze out a "W" in Michigan, if you were and some of the crew were at this bar, for 7.5 was insane, I ate two meals there....Rock Chalk and Red and Yellow..... hope everyone had a great weekend...

It's Monday....and I made it safely to work today.... the roads were terrible, but I made it a few minutes late.... I'm looking forward to a new work week...and maybe I will get to hang out with the girl I met on Friday....
ps I hope I have you people are reading  this still....keep spreading the word bitches.

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